American Diagnostic Lab prides itself on its service to physicians, institutions and patients alike. Queries are answered courteously and reliably. Testing is performed accurately and swift. At American Diagnostic Lab, you can expect a degree of personalized service and attention that’s not available elsewhere. Our field representatives are professionals with no less than 8 years experience in the industry. The American Diagnostic Lab philosophy is based on transparency of our operations. To this end, American Diagnostic Lab provides full access to our quality control records as well as the results of our randomized proficiency testing. Call or stop in to American Diagnostic Lab today for a full tour of our laboratory center.

Courier Service

American Diagnostic Lab in-house courier services guarantee specimen integrity by ensuring the efficient retrieval of patient specimens. Utilizing state-of-the-art tracking systems American Diagnostic Lab is capable of scheduling pickup and delivery to accommodate virtually any pickup requirements.

House Calls

Home services are readily available, and American Diagnostic Lab qualified and compassionate staff is ready to meet the needs of home-bound patients. Our team of phlebotomists, supervised by experienced managers, has the resources to serve the broadest range of client needs. Each phlebotomist is equipped with a NEXTEL radio-phone so they can be located and dispatched on a moment’s notice if necessary. All of our phlebotomists have performed a minimum of 350 venipunctures.

Laboratory Results Delivery

Flexible reporting options provide the delivery assurance you need, when you need them. We offer multiple means of report delivery including:

  • Courier Service available for daily delivery
  • Customized
  • Immediate Remote Fax
  • Online Laboratory Management System
  • Integration of our laboratory information system (LIMS) with your EMR or EHR

Client Services

American Diagnostic Lab Client Services department is operated by a team of professionals, and led by a dedicated supervisor with more than twenty-years in the client services field. The department is fully operational 10 hours a day, 5 days a week.

  • We place the needs of each individual patient first
  • We emphasize courtesy, compassion and professional expertise
  • We strive to optimize the accuracy of testing, our promptness of service, and our responsiveness to clients’ needs